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Facebook Introduces New Job Listings Feature

/Facebook Introduces New Job Listings Feature

Facebook Introduces New Job Listings Feature

Since the time of its launch, Facebook has managed to remain the best social networking platform among the youths. It allows people from various corners of the world, to connect with each other on just the click of a button. Many features have been tried so far and recently, Facebook introduced a feature for job listings. Facebook has made an attempt to try its hands on the recruiting business by coming up with an all new feature on its pages. Most young adults spend their time scrolling through the pages of Facebook, so why not make it more useful for them?

The new career intelligence recruiting system has been set up by Facebook to help people looking for career prospects. It was observed that many small businesses used Facebook as a platform to post about job vacancies in their news feed. As per the research conducted, it has been noticed that Facebook was partially used as a source to post job insights. Considering this, Facebook has built up a network in the common interest of job seekers. This step can ease the responsibilities of recruiters.

facebook-job-search-results-image-1The news was confirmed by Facebook this week regarding the testing of the group by adding a new tab. This separate column will enable visitors to browse various job openings and apply for the same. After the user has successfully applied for a certain job, different fields of the job application form will pop up based on their listed profile data. The recruiters will receive all the submitted application forms in the form of a message. A very smart move taken by Facebook, this will help in implementing business and communication approach. A certain amount would be charged in order to show the job posting on Facebook’s newsfeed. Through this, three elements will be combined together on a wider platform: personal data, engagement and universal reach.

It is needless to say that Facebook has the most number of users than other social networking sites. It has the highest number of suggestions and individual approaches than any other company so far. In today’s time, LinkedIn is seen as the best as far as professional network is concerned. However, the fact that it has only one fraction of Facebook’s audience cannot be denied. The reason why LinkedIn is preferred by most recruiters is because it lets them track down the jobseeker’s history via database. Through analyzing the data provided by the user, recruiters are able to choose an ideal candidate who meets all the criteria set by the employer to fill in the job spot.

It is presumed that the widespread reach, a large number of audiences and the network engineering will enable Facebook to gain an edge over other social sites. An individual’s Facebook profile reveals almost every detail about his personality traits based on his likes and shares. This can be used as a reference to figure out whether the candidate matches the job spot. In the coming time, we can expect recruitments to be done via Facebook.

It was only last month that Facebook introduced Workplace, Facebook professional services and now it has again surprised all its users by adding this new feature of job listing. It is being assumed that upon its launch, this feature will leave behind all the other professional networking platforms.