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20 Time-saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

/20 Time-saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel

20 Time-saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

There are an endless number of shortcuts for Excel. That is what makes it so fun and challenging.  So, let’s start-off with 20 Excel shortcuts that will save your time at your job. The following tips are in no particular order.

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys
Sr. No Keys Function
1 Ctrl + C Copy
2 Ctrl + X Cut
3 Ctrl + V Paste
4 Ctrl + Z Undo
5 Ctrl + Y Redo
6 Ctrl + W Close the Excel File
7 Ctrl + F Key Find the word you are looking for in the document
8 Ctrl + H Key Find and Replace the word
9 F2 Key Edit a cell
10 F5 Key Jump to a Particular Cell
11 F7 Key Check the Spellings in a cell
12 F11 Key Create a Chart
13 F12 Key Helps you to save the document in your desired location
14 Ctrl + A Select all
15 Ctrl +S Save the current document
16 Ctrl +K Insert Hyperlink
17 Ctrl + P Print Command
18 Ctrl + Home Go to the beginning of a document
19 Ctrl +End Go to the end of a document
20 Alt + F4 Close the Document