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Bachelor of Science & Information Technology Program Promising Lucrative Career Opportunities

/Bachelor of Science & Information Technology Program Promising Lucrative Career Opportunities
Bachelor of Science & Information Technology

Bachelor of Science & Information Technology Program Promising Lucrative Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Science & Technology shortly abbreviated as B.Sc IT is a graduate level study program that can be pursued by students after completing their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). In this 3 year duration course, students get to understand computer programming languages along with all the additional tools and techniques essential in the field of Information Technology. Although the curriculum is a combination of both theory and practical’s, more stress in given on theory rather than the applied methodologies.

If the student wishes to specialize only in Science or only in Technology then there are courses available for it too, namely B.Sc and B.Tech. Whereas B.Sc is a 3 year program, B.Tech takes 4 years to complete. Both of these courses are widely competitive in nature and offer great career prospects. However, the study options available for these courses may differ at times. The scientific principles within IT are covered in B.Tech which is basically the study of technical principles. Corporate firms hire aspirants with good scientific knowledge rather than technical skills which indicate that B.Sc IT students have better career prospects. Students wanting to opt for advanced studies can choose PG level programs in related fields.

B.Sc IT specifically caters to the needs of the IT industry. The IT industry is growing with a fast pace and thus demands lot of skilled professionals who can add their inputs and bring profits for the industry by their sound knowledge and skills. IT parks and Hubs are being introduced across many states of India. With the arrival of Startup Culture and Digital India, IT professionals are again in great demand.

After pursuing M.Sc IT (Master of Science in Information Technology) one can opt for a PhD program or an MBA. Doing MBA after your M.Sc IT instills management and business skills that will further add value to your qualification. If legal education is something that you are looking for, then you can go for LLB.

When it comes to any IT related course, students are often skeptical regarding the job opportunities pertaining to the same. However, IT still remains an industry with a healthy growth ratio. Pursuing your IT course from a reputed university/institute shall help you land decent jobs with an enticing pay package.

IT industry in itself is a major recruiting firm. IT students get to work for an array of fields with the immense knowledge and skills that they receive during their course. The presence of Science can be felt in all aspects of our lives, from medicine to computers and from military defense to textiles. There are more varied and stimulating opportunities available in the field of Science and Technology than any other field. The demand for IT professionals is never ending and to meet this demand more and more number of candidates are expected to enroll for IT related career programs which include Web Application Development, Client Server Computing and Networking, Interactive Technology, Programing, Graphics Designing to name a few.