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New Shortcuts in Google Now App Help Keep You Informed

/New Shortcuts in Google Now App Help Keep You Informed
Digital Marketing

New Shortcuts in Google Now App Help Keep You Informed

Nowadays, you expect information at your fingertips. Starting today, Google makes it easy to access the information you need quickly on the go. Today onwards, in the US, Google has introduced usable shortcuts on the Google Now app for Android and iOS and Google.com on the mobile web that give you easy access to great tools and the ability to explore, more deeply the subjects that interest you.

The Google search box is great when you are looking for a specific answer, but there are also times when you just want to catch up on the latest topics of interest. Now, with a boost on the entertainment shortcut, you can see what plays this weekend at your local theater or what to watch on television. You can also get the latest news from both small and silver screens. You can type in news, trailers, and reviews that are relevant to you or slide through lists to catch up on your favorite show.