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What to pack when moving to University

/What to pack when moving to University

What to pack when moving to University

Depending on whether or not you’re a light packer, it can be easy to spend too much money when thinking about what to take to university, especially if you want to ensure you’re prepared for anything. But, remember, university life isn’t much different to normal life back at home – except that at university you won’t have a parent around to iron your favorite t-shirt or buy you toothpaste.

It can be incredibly tempting to just dump absolutely everything you own into a few suitcases, simply to avoid that AWFUL feeling of leaving something important behind.

Taking everything with you just isn’t realistic. The majority of students will be living in a tiny room in student halls, so there just isn’t room for all your worldly possessions.

There are hundreds of things you might very well want to take when you move to university. Below is checklist, covering all the things that any university student could possibly need


Important Documents


  1. Health card
  2. Passport and/or driver’s license (ID)
  3. University admission acceptance letter
  4. Course acceptance letter
  5. Accommodation terms, information and contract
  6. Passport photos
  7. Bank account details
  8. Bank debit card
  9. Chequebook
  10. Insurance documents
  11. Student loan documents
  12. Student discount cards

Electrical checklist

  1. University laptop
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Mobile phone
  4. Headphones
  5. USB TV Stick
  6. Power extension cable
  7. Printer with ink
  8. Device chargers
  9. USB memory stick


Stationery Items


  1. university stationery
  2. Pens
  3. Highlighters
  4. A4 writing pad
  5. Folder with dividers
  6. Calculator
  7. Books
  8. A diary


kitchen Items


  1. Student recipe book
  2. Small cutlery set
  3. sharp knife
  4. Scissors
  5. Kitchen
  6. 1 glass & 1 mug
  7. 1 plate & 1
  8. Flat baking tray
  9. Tupperware
  10. Coffee maker


Bedroom items


  1. Bed sheets
  2. Duvet & pillows
  3. Mattress
  4. pillow
  5. Alarm clock
  6. Coat hangers
  7. Laundry basket
  8. Photos of friends & family


Bathroom Items

  1. Towels – one big, one small
  2. Febreeze
  3. Washbag – including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel, make-up
  4. Plasters – or small first aid kit
  5. Single toilet roll



  1. Casual clothes
  2. Underwear and socks
  3. Smart outfit
  4. Going out shoes
  5. Waterproofs
  6. Sports kit/swimwear
  7. Fancy dress


Miscellaneous items

what else to take to University

  1. Pack of cards
  2. Small wind-up torch
  3. A pre-paid card
  4. reading glasses, hair straighteners etc
  5. Bike


Going to university is a pretty big deal. There’s a reason why everyone is telling you it’s going to be the best few years of your life.

But as well as being super exciting, getting ready to go to university is also super stressful. Particularly when it comes to packing all your stuff. Most new university students haven’t spent more than a few weeks away from home, so it’s almost impossible to know what you need to bring with you for an entire year and what can be left behind.



– Leave behind anything which you can easily buy when you get there; like soap and shampoo, or pens and notepads. These will just add unnecessary weight to your luggage.

– Check which items will be provided by your university. Most halls will provide kettles and microwaves etc and some will even provide items like irons.