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5 Simple steps for Successful Career Planning

/5 Simple steps for Successful Career Planning
5 Simple steps for Successful Career Planning

Importance of Career Planning:

Career Planning is the most important aspect of each and everyone’s life. But this step is often skipped by most of the people in their professional lives. Planning of your career indicates that taking control of the Career Journey.

This article will help you out to plan your career and not leaving things or opportunities!

So here are the 5 Simple steps for Successful Career Planning:

Self-assessment or Self-Evaluation:

The first step of Career Planning is Self-assessment i.e. knowing yourself. You need to understand your own interests, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Take a small test for you and ask some questions to yourself the following Questions:

  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • Which thing motivates me?
  • What are my Personal and Professional Goals?
  • Which lifestyle do I expect in future?
  • What am I good at? What am I Bad at?
  • What qualifications and experience do I have?

There are various online tools that will help you to find your own interest, personality test and career test.

Market Research:

After deciding your own interests and strengths, it is time to figure out what is out there.

Make a list of job profiles that match with your strengths, aim and interests.

Conduct thorough research about the market trends and read the company reviews to know total details about the salary, work environment, Growth Opportunities, etc.

Reach out to professionals within your network and conduct informational interviews with them.

Then make a list of job roles that you find interesting and would like to pursue, now ask following questions to yourself-

  • Will this job profile achieve my goals?
  • Does this job profile match my interest?
  • What type of industry would suit me?
  • What type of job roles would appeal to me the most?
  • Are my qualifications and abilities are suitable for these jobs?

Market research helps you to stay updated with the market trends and also in making an informed decision about your career.

Decision-Making and Goal Setting:

After having completed your self-assessment and market research you should be ready to make some career decisions.

Set your goal for the career that you are looking for and check your education accordingly your career industry.

Gaining Experience:

Career-related experience can help you to boost or develop your skills, abilities and knowledge.

If you have a gap between your career then fill this gap with some online advanced courses related to your career field or apply for some internships which will help you to learn your career-related skills!


In this step, you implement what you have learned and move forward towards a new job or more advanced education. You should also continue to evaluate your options and try to be the best in your field and make adjustments as needed.