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8 Mistakes that Make You Unprofessional at an Interview

/8 Mistakes that Make You Unprofessional at an Interview

Interview mistakes are always costly, but they’re deadly if you’re unaware of them and continue to make them during every interview going forward.

That’s a problem that never ends and will always cost you great jobs, unless you fix it today—“which is my goal”.

And if you’ve struggled to get jobs, the good news is you can improve and dominate interviews in the future.

8 mistakes make Unprofessional at an Interview:

  1. Arriving Late

This is a classic: a student who has poor time management skills arrives at an interview late. It does not really matter to the hiring manager whether you had a real emergency or you just don’t like to get up early in the morning.How to avoid: get ready to leave your home earlier than usual and ask Google about the traffic in your area.


  1. Criticizing your previous employer

When an interviewee says bad things about their past employer, the hiring manager might reasonably think that there is a good chance they’ll do the same again. As the result, your candidacy will be rejected.

How to avoid: when talking about the previous place of employment, avoid stating your personal opinion. Just provide facts and try not to trash-talk.


  1. Having a Smartphone go off

If you forget to turn off your Smartphone, it can go off during the interview and interrupt the conversation. To turn it off, you have to reach in your pocket. How does that make you look? Right, like an unorganized person.

How to avoid: don’t forget to turn off your Smartphone before going into the interview room.


  1. Not asking any questions

If a person is truly interested in the job, they will ask questions when allowed. Being aloof and uninterested can be appealing to get some reputation in college, but obviously not when you’re trying to persuade a hiring manager that you’re the most qualified person for the position.

How to avoid: if you’re unsure what you can ask, do some research about the company and think about possible questions.


  1. Being underdressed

Looking sloppy and unprepared will not impress the hiring manager. Of course, it would be hilarious if you walked up in the interview room in the jeans and the jersey, but they will profoundly hurt your chances for success.

How to avoid: dress for success. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.


  1. Not researching the company before the interview

During an interview, the hiring manager might mention the names of the CEO and other key figures in the organization as well as other information related to the company. If you don’t conduct a research beforehand, you’ll have no idea who are they talking about.

How to avoid: educate yourself about the organization before you go there for an interview.


  1. Interrupting the interviewer

If you interrupt the hiring manager during the interview, it shows that you think you’re better than they are. Plus, it rude and inappropriate.

How to avoid: wait for your turn to speak and let the interviewer dominate the conversation.


  1. Oversharing

The interviewer is not really interested in how you almost slept through your alarm in the morning or that your roommate likes to stay late listening to music.

How to avoid: if you overshare information like this, the hiring manager will think you’ll have troubles getting to the office on time.