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2019 aspirants: here’s all you need to know about eligibility for BCA admission

/2019 aspirants: here’s all you need to know about eligibility for BCA admission
admission criteria for bca

The eligibility for BCA admission (criteria) varies from one university to the other. There are universities who look for a score of 70% and above at the higher secondary level. Some even make it compulsory that the back ground is either Science or Commerce and the mandatory subjects were computer science and mathematics. On the other hand there are institutes that allow admission even if the passing percentage is 45 and the applicant could be from any stream.

What does a BCA course offer?

Presently, there is a huge scope for those who want to take up BCA. There are two options post BCA – Either you go for higher studies or you can start searching for a suitable job. Other than these two, you also have the option of starting up something on your own.Therefore, scope exists for you to either connect with software MNCs if the required criteria is in place or go the path of a freelancer.

eligibility for bca admission
eligibility for admission to bca courses

For those looking to go beyond, they can take up advanced courses like the MCA or Ph.D thereafter.

Why should you go for a BCA course?

The reason is simple. Technology is taking slowly taking control over everything these days. And, this is a phenomenon all the over the world now. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for professionals related to information technology.

Reputed IT firms like Google, IBM, Infosys and Oracle offer placements to BCA graduates. The employment could be as a web developer or graphic designer. It could also be as a system analyst or a system engineer or perhaps a junior programmer. Not just the private sector but the public organizations too, look for BCA qualified people.

Therefore, if you want to take up BCA, simply look up the eligibility for BCA admission and you should be good to go.

Understanding the BCA course

Given below is the profile list that are available to BCA aspirants:

System Engineer – Your job will involve developing and evaluating software. You will also be required to run tests and work on personal computers if needed.

system engineer in company
system engineer working in a firm

Programmer – You will be writing codes in order to develop software. As a programmer, you will be learning various programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc. to name a few. IT has been found that till now there has never been a decline in the demand for programmers.

Scope of a BCA course

The current trend suggests that top recruiters spread across the globe are looking out for BCA degree holders. This applies for those as well who have recently completed the course, after adequately comprehending the eligibility for BCA admission. According to the data released by the IT sector, BCA happens to be one of the most demanding eligibility criteria for recruitment in this sector.

Even for recent pass-outs, IT happens to be one of the highest paying sector. As on date, a BCA expert can easily avail an initial monthly package of 25 – 40k. Based on the ability, IT giants even offer 6 figure salary to a beginner.