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Why Bachelor of Commerce is the most pursued degree in India?

/Why Bachelor of Commerce is the most pursued degree in India?

B.com is one such degree program that gives rise to the most number of accounting and financial professionals every year. Job opportunities for Commerce graduates are very promising and offer substantial growth in the industry. B.Com is a three-year degree program specially designed to provide students with managerial skills and other associated fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, advertising, human resource to name just a few. This degree is designed to offer students the desired competence in business principles and organizational behavior by stressing on core subjects such as statistics, law, accounting, economics, cooperative education, finance, and marketing.

  • By pursuing a B.com degree, one can gain expertise in different fields such as organization and business management. Most universities have a syllabus for this study program. The commerce curriculum addresses the rapidly changing environments in innovation, international focus and market-relevance aspects in the business world. It takes the student from a great transition from the academic knowledge to competitive knowledge.
  • Commerce is a field that enables one to be suitable for both self-employment as well as corporate businesses. One can run his/her own business without having to invest in expert services such as accountants or marketing consultants. Each and every company requires at least one manager, commerce specialist or an accountant. This means that commerce degree holders can have a shining career in similar job spots. Commerce degree holders would never run out of job prospects.
  • Choosing to account as a specialization will let you enhance the capacity to evaluate and analyze the financial conditions of your firm. You will be responsible for the financial reports and how they affect the business as a whole. Having a critical knowledge about cost-cutting and risk management in finance is a great way to plan and manage the company’s finances thereby cutting down the chances of any losses. The course gives you good coverage of auditing, local and international taxation principles.
  • When we talk about fiancé as a specialization, students receive an in-depth understanding of financial management. Their job profile involves calculating financial ratios and understanding how leading companies raise capital, select lucrative investments and analyze risks. You would also become well aware of market security and building an attractive company portfolio.
  • Another specialization in commerce is the human resource which enables students with the necessary skills required in identifying and implementing solutions to shortcomings pertaining to HR activities. Recruitment, selection of potential talent, promotional welfare and application of occupational safety some of the important aspects included in this specialization.

As far as eligibility is concerned, candidates with a minimum 50% in HSC in the stream of Arts, Science and Commerce related subjects. However, the preference is always laid on students with a commerce background.

Economic behavior at both ends whether it is individual or organizational is the prime focus of a commerce study program. The course gets tailored after professional consultancy with experts so that graduates receive an industry relevant degree that takes you to places in your desired career choice.