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Don’t let this Corona Pandemic affect your Career Ambition Stay home and KaronaPadhai.

/Don’t let this Corona Pandemic affect your Career Ambition Stay home and KaronaPadhai.



Coronavirus, the devastating pandemic, has caused the world a comprehensive loss. Lockdowns and Isolations are not only affecting the global economy but the education system as well. With the steady stop of education institutions, lectures and regular classes are drastically affected. ISBM, however, aims to take this situation much more positively. It continues to be a leading and effective instruction, thereby coming up with strategic ways to keep the education of students going. The ultimate motivation procedures are an excellent approach and initiative in this excruciatingly saddening time. 

We leap ahead by offering students the advantage of enhancing their potential through the thorough guidance of our dedicated faculty members. Now is the time we should stop taking our lives for granted. With a much more intriguing and alluring way, we give students the privilege of exploring their time to learn a myriad of activities and skills. You have all the time you need to determine your ability and explore tantalizing concepts of study. Forget the traditional ways of attending classes for studying. Choose your ideal way of pushing yourself to obtain optimal educational success.

Here are a few ways by which you can stay productive throughout the lockdown. In nutshell, what I’m trying to say is, 

                                Chahey Jo Bhi Ho, Mat Rona, KaronaPadhai

  • Before you go to sleep, prepare a thorough schedule for the next day. Jot down all the things you want to cover starting from studies to exercise. Make sure to take this list as a challenge and finish it before the day ends. 
  • Go through intriguing online course sites like Coursera and take up a free course that you’ve always been wanting to learn about. 
  • Do not go overboard. Don’t pressurize yourself by setting a myriad of goals for one day. Start small. Set limited goals and aim to devotedly finish them. 
  • Walk around the house. Don’t sit in one place for hours together as you can feel sleepy. Move around the house every now and then. 
  • Learn a new hobby. In this free time, do something you’ve always wanted to do. Whether it is painting or dancing, choose a hobby and work towards it. 
  • Maintain a healthy sleeping schedule. Almost everybody is ruining their sleep schedule by staying awake all night due to extensively free time. Don’t compromise your sleep. You don’t want to be waking up with dark circles.
  • Reward yourself after each productivity. Whether you want to watch your favorite tv show or eat a snack, go ahead and do so once you are done finishing your scheduled goals.
  • Read more books. Books are the most exemplary asset in the world. You have the benefit of exploring all the knowledge that books have to offer. From fiction to self-help to crime and mystery, choose your ideal genre and get to reading and finishing a book. 
  • Lastly, clear your headspace. In a tough situation like this, mental health is something we should deliberately look after. As a student, you might be an over-thinker or overachiever. Feelings of restlessness, agitation, high levels of anxiety are a few of the triggers factors that can occur. Understand that you don’t have to fix whatever it is that you want to, in a specific timeframe. Pamper yourself and practice a good self-care routine.

If you go out you’ll make corona your buddy, stay home, stay safe, and study

It is undeniably true how saddening the current situation is. With several human losses, we must understand how fragile life can be. Do your part and enhance your knowledge extensively by learning about a myriad of intriguing concepts. Let us all fight this together. Let’s not give corona the power over us. Here are a few ways by which you can diligently do Padhai and stay aware. 

Online study games

You can make use of an array of online games based on helping you advance your vocabulary or knowledge. From sudoku to word cross, make use of any of these games to keep yourself busy and motivated for studying later in the day. 

Online Study Courses 

As previously discussed, you can find several online courses free of cost. Take up any educational course and enhance your knowledge in different fields of education. Whether it’s Buddhism or psychology or cryptography, learn that one course that you’ve always wanted to. 

YouTube videos 

There are several authentic YouTubers that you can choose to learn different topics from. Whether it is something you’ve already learned and not understood or are yet to learn, choose reliable YouTubers and study in a much more convenient way, thereby grasping different topics.

Practice assignments 

You can find several online test papers and assignments based on different topics. Explore the internet and find one such assignment every alternative day and test your knowledge. 

Ted talks 

Ted talks are not only motivational but also give students an edge over learning about different topics. Choose this fun-loving way of grasping and learning about different topics of study. 

Go through your college study material 

Finally, revise all the concepts you’ve learned in college so far. Make use of your study material and jot down vital points to recite the topics with ease.

To sum up,

While the world is in chaos, we have the chance to come out of this stronger. Make use of the exceptionally excellent digital sources in a time like this, to not only extend your horizons of education but to also make the most out of your time. Video call your friends and study together or explore different study websites. Utilize this time to deliberately make it an exciting KaronaPadhai time.

Let’s pray that all of this ends soon. ISBM has taken a notch ahead to help every student and citizen, in general, become aware of the criticality of the Corona. Let’s stand together and pray for those who are infected, while educating ourselves subsequently.