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A Glance of ISBM University in IBC24 News Flash

/A Glance of ISBM University in IBC24 News Flash
ISBM University-IBC24

A lot of things are happening at ISBM University. A few weeks back the University was awarded as “The Best Upcoming University 2017” and a similar phenomenon occurred when ISBM University got featured on the screen. Although for a very brief moment, ISBM University was highlighted on IBC24’s News Flash. IBC24, a television news channel advertised a snippet containing the University campus, its contact details, and the recognitions and approvals list that the University has to its credit. In just a matter of months, ISBM University has been witnessing very positive outcome in terms of receiving awards, getting publicized on print media and now this. We are looking forward to more such delightful incidences which will only add to the repute of the university making it a popular choice amongst students.