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Importance of Yoga in our Daily Life

/Importance of Yoga in our Daily Life

To live in harmony with oneself and the environment is the wish of every human. However, in modern times greater physical and emotional demands are constantly placed in many areas of life.


The word “Yoga” originates from Sanskrit and means “to join, to unite”. Yoga exercises have a holistic effect and bring body, mind, consciousness, and soul into balance.

Yoga in Daily Life is a system of practice consisting of eight levels of development in the areas of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. When the body is physically healthy, the mind is clear, focused and stress is under control.


The main goals of “Yoga in Daily Life” are :

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Social Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Self-Realization or realization of the Divine within us.


The word Yoga needs to be approached in a holistic manner. It encompasses many aspects like discipline of the mind and body, purification and widening of the mind, a restful mind, acquiring new skills and abilities, higher levels of energy achieving great heights in personal and professional work, getting better and higher goals in life and in this way adding a valuable contribution to the wealth and capital of the world in terms of knowledge and services to mankind.


We all need a few minutes to de-stress and reconnect with our inner peace after performing our duties and work every day to replenish our energies. The quality and standard of our work is escalated by receiving God’s thoughts and power by daily God thoughts and meditating upon Thee.