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ISBM University announces association with Premier Futsal League

/ISBM University announces association with Premier Futsal League
ISBM University announces association with Premier Futsal League as University Partner

ISBM University is proud to announce itself as University Partner in Premier Futsal League, the biggest sporting event of Football in India.

The league garnered nine million TV views in its first season in the UK and six million views in West Asia. These are the biggest markets outside India, where the league captured 30 million impressions on TV over its 10-day telecast. The final of the tournament had 300 million tune-ins globally, including social media.

In its second season, the league will focus on international broadcast rights and sponsorship revenue. The second season will be held in the first quarter of 2017 with eight franchises. The two new franchises to be added are Delhi and Hyderabad.

Aiming to help grow the sport in India, Premier Futsal has collaborated with ISBM University, Awarded as Best Upcoming University by the Hon. HRD Minister ‘Shri Prakash Javdekar’ in association with ASSOCHAM, ahead of the second season.

“We are happy to associate with ISBM University as University Partner for Season 2. With a mission to grow the sport in India, Premier Futsal is dedicated to engaging with today’s youth by encouraging their participation in the sport by enabling them in the right direction and guidance.”
Dr. Vinay Agrawal said, “The inaugural year of Premier Futsal witnessed a huge fan following across both genders, making its way as a leading sports league in India.”

The league has a total of six teams. The other teams are yet to be announced. The six teams will play each other seven times prior to the semi-finals.

The second season will commence on September 15.