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ISBM University has now joined hands with BOSCH limited for BOSCH bridge center

/ISBM University has now joined hands with BOSCH limited for BOSCH bridge center

In collaboration with ISBM University, BOSCH Limited the German automaker, has launched a Training Center in Gariyaband, Chhattisgarh. The joint certification center is located inside the premises of ISBM University. Spread across 5000 sq.ft, the center will impart training in the areas of diesel systems, gasoline systems, diagnostics and auto electricals among others areas. The Center has been equipped with Bosch Equipment. The training center will provide BOSCH-BRIDGE programs to students of ISBM University, technicians and service personnel alike.

ISBMUniversity-BOSCH             ISBMUniversity-BOSCH

“In the automotive aftermarket sector, Bosch is among the highest generators of employment. However, given India’s insufficient labor pool there is a need to build on the country’s employability level, the same has also been identified by the Government of India which has initiated the Skill India program,” Dr. Vinay Agrawal, Chancellor of ISBM University said. “Our joint vision is to ensure the youth of India is able to build a sustainable future.”


Bosch has been providing training services to thousands of technicians, service personnel, and lately, educational institutions for over a decade. Training courses from the Group offer knowledge of the evolving technologies, and at the same time provide hands-on experience with the latest equipment. Bosch has 31 training touch points across India and a total of 42,000 participants have been trained during the year 2017.