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Future Scope of Mechanical Engineering

/Future Scope of Mechanical Engineering

Future Scope of Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering is the evergreen branch among all other branches of engineering. They deal with the concepts of mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, kinematics, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, power sector, refrigeration, air conditioning sector, and aerospace.

Mechanical Engineering: Market Watch

The mechanical engineering jobs market in India is perennial. Even the vagaries of the global economic crisis could not knock out the demand for these professionals in the Indian job market. Although some branches of mechanical engineering went out of focus during the meltdown period, the overall situation was much better as compared with other careers.

According to a survey, mechanical engineering is amongst the most sought after branches of engineering preferred by students seeking admission to various technical institutes across India in recent years.

International Focus

Highly qualified professionals from this field, such as post-graduates from various IITs, often seek suitable employment in foreign countries. It is not that only highly qualified mechanical engineers get the opportunity to work abroad. If you are employed in a multinational company, you may also get the chance to work on offshore projects

Different Roles in Mechanical Engineering 

  • Research and Development (R&D): Engineers whose role is to do research and then plan for new machines and their constituent parts.
  • Design: Professionals whose responsibility is to draft technical drawings, manually or with the aid of computers.
  • Production: Engineers who supervise the manufacturing of mechanical components and machines.
  • Analysis and testing: Engineers who analyze and test different types of machines and their parts to ensure that they function flawlessly.
  • Installation: Professionals who install machines and mechanical parts at the client location.
  • Maintenance: Engineers whose primary role is to ensure that machinery is working as per specifications. According to the report on Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index rankings by country conducted by Deloitte, it is projected that India will move up 6 places by 2020 and will be positioned at 5th place.

By this, it is evident that the growth of the manufacturing sector in India is going to see new heights opening up new job opportunities for mechanical engineers. With the “Make in India” and “Skill India” initiatives, the government is investing a lot of time and money to groom young talents and bring in a lot of innovation among the engineers. So students pursuing mechanical engineering have a lot of scopes to build a successful career in these sectors.

Industries where Students can make their Mechanical Engineering Career

1. Automobile Industry: 

The automobile industry is one of the fast-growing industries that offer a variety of opportunities for mechanical engineers in Research & Development to Maintenance. All the top automobile industries have already begun to invest lots of money on developing self-driving autonomous cars, pod-based transportation, bullet trains, etc. So there is a lot of scope for mechanical engineers in this field.

2. Aerospace Industry:

The aerospace industry is the pace in which this industry is advancing. Mechanical engineers will have a predominant role to play in this sector, as these mostly dependent on the design and manufacturing of heavy machinery and components. You need to get skilled in aerodynamics, aeromodelling principles, etc. to pursue a career in this industry.

3. Steel Plants:

India was the world’s third-largest steel producer in 2016. The steel industries are having a phenomenal growth mainly due to the large availability of raw materials domestically. There is a lot of scope for mechanical engineers in this sector, and the job role offered varies from production to maintenance. Mechanical engineers who have good knowledge of metallurgy and material science can opt to work in this sector.

4. Thermal Plants:

Power industries are considered to be the greatest contributor to the economic development and industrialization in India. There is new power generating stations that are being installed all across the country to meet the energy demands. This particular industry has significant importance in the present scenario and will continue to play an important role in power development for the years to come. Mechanical engineers who are good at thermodynamics, heat & energy transfer subjects can opt to work in this sector and will find it as a challenging career.

5. Shipping Industry:

Shipping industries play a crucial role in the Indian economy, as 90% of the nation’s trade by volume is done via sea. Currently, the shipping industry offers job opportunities for thousands of engineers in India, the maritime industry is constantly evolving and striving for increased innovation. It is evident that there will be more requirements for mechanical engineers in the coming years.

6. Mechatronics Related:

It is a multi-disciplinary field that integrates the mechanical concepts and electronics, a lot of mechanical engineers would be needed to meet the industrial requirements. All the major industries of today have already started implementing solutions that would result in automation and improving efficiency. From film industries to manufacturing plants, more mechanical engineers would be needed to work on the mechatronics field.

7. Robotics Industry:

Robotics is the current technological innovation in which many of the industries are investing a lot of time and resources. From automated assembly plants to carrying out logistics, robotics is assisting us in every step reducing the effort that we need to put. This particular reason makes the industries to want this technological implementation onto their operations. So for a mechanical engineer with decent knowledge on electronics/ software has a lot of scope on getting acquainted with this amazing technology.


Other sectors like refinery industries, petroleum engineering, mining, communication industries, construction, and renewable energies also offer lots of job opportunities for mechanical engineers.

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