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Should I Go to Law School? Four Questions to Help You Decide

/Should I Go to Law School? Four Questions to Help You Decide

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Everyone has different life goals. Think about all facets of your life goals. Deciding to go to law school is a major decision, and it’s very personal one, too.

These Four questions one need to ask themselves before thinking about going to law school:

1. Why do you want to go to law school?
If joining the realm of lawyers is your dream, then you have no choice but to go to law school. If, however, you simply want to work on changing laws or enjoy being around legal issues, there are many other career options to consider, like becoming a legal activist, policy maker, or working as a legal assistant or paralegal.

However, law school is a big commitment of both time and money (and, in many cases, comes with a lot of debt), so you may want to first make sure that you’ll enjoy the actual practice of law rather than just political science itself.

2. How does law school fit into your other life goals?
Some legal careers will require you to live in certain places, demand a certain kind of workload, or simply constrain your flexibility and autonomy in ways that may seem distant now, but will come up as issues sooner than you may expect. Since deciding to go to law school is a decision with long-term implications, be sure to consider who you are and what you want in the long run.

3. Do you think you will do well in law school?
It’s not just pedigree that matters. In addition to where you go to law school, how well you do in terms of your grades can determine whether you’ll get the type of high-paying job that will enable you to pay off your student loans. Certain legal jobs are very difficult to get unless you have good grades.

4. Can you afford it?
Most people have to take out debt in order to pay for law school. That means the question you have to ask yourself is really something like: “Do I think I can get and stick with a job after I graduate that will allow me to pay back my law school loans, in addition to whatever other financial obligations I have?”

Make no mistake — law school has a steep financial price tag, and you may have less choice than you might think for self-fulfilment in your immediate career choices in order to address the high cost of law school.

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