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The Morning Ritual: Powerful Mantra To Achieve Success By Ashish Janiani

/The Morning Ritual: Powerful Mantra To Achieve Success By Ashish Janiani
The Morning Ritual: Ashish Janiani

In two powerful words, it’s my morning ritual.
In today’s world, you can not ignore technology; instead you need to embrace it, else you are dead meat! At the same time, you need to be away from everything and invest spending time with yourself. A habit I formed over the years gives me absolute power daily and I can say is the single biggest reason for my success: The Morning Ritual.
What is a morning ritual?
It is a committed 2 hours of time I spend daily to plan, journal, read my dream sheet, meditate, workout and have a fruit. This power pack starts is my fuel for the next 12 hours to produce. Each of the above activity adds mental and physical energy giving me an edge. If you notice, all the above are positive activities, and you can not miss your mark with such a start. Most people fail because they are too busy producing and don’t make time for refueling. They produce till they burn, and then spend their weekends exhausted running away from next week. INVEST time in yourself. The top businessmen, sports personalities, and even the world’s greatest scientist: Albert Einstein have/had daily self-hours. This is one of the biggest secrets behind massive success.