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Top jobs for an Arts & Humanities Degree

/Top jobs for an Arts & Humanities Degree

A degree in Arts & Humanities, was not much of a preference in earlier times, for people of India. Now, however, it has gained prevalence as a large number of students are opting for this career path. Humanities is a wide stream and has a number of different career prospects, in contrast to the limited or fixed options in medical or business streams. Many live with the notion that a BA student’s only career option is that of a teacher. It is an idea that must be corrected, for opportunities do exist in abundance for those who look for a lucrative job after their Bachelors in Arts degree. Following is a list of the most sought after career option a BA graduate under takes:-

  1. Professional Writing – Having a degree in BA English Honors opens up the path for one to pursue writing professionally. One can easily work at a publication house, or start a blog, or try his or her hand at freelancing. Writing can be of various types, ranging from scriptwriting to travel writing. The field of career for this profession would completely depend on the interest of the individual.
  2. Journalism and Mass Communication – This stream is not only accessible to fresh under graduates, but also people having pursued a Bachelor in Arts. Journalism is an interesting career path as it keeps the individual on his feet and takes one places. The stream, in turn, has other alternatives – reporting, anchoring, document writing, travel journalism, photo journalism, and a few others. A student can take up an internship or a job in a reputed media house, like the Statesman or NDTV, and kick start his or her career after the completion of the degree.
  3. MBA – Recently, there has been a trend having students from the Arts stream taking up an MBA after their graduation. The basic requirement to pursue an MBA is a graduation degree. Anyone can undertake the course as a little guidance for the preparations can take a person to great lengths. An MBA can be pursued in the field of marketing, HR, finance, sales, IB etc. Additional soft skills can ensure the individual excelling at his job, later, when it comes to pitching the brand or just for effective communication.
  4. Library and Information Sciences – One can wish to apply for this field of study and it is not just limited to the scope of a librarian. Designations like Information Officer, Documentation Officer, Director of Library Services, knowledge centre managers, data collection officers, among many others are available to the students.
  5. Paralegal – Paralegals are different from lawyers as they work directly under the supervision of one, as the administrative and advisory body. Students wishing to be a part of the judicial system, but not as lawyers, can undertake this career option. While most paralegals work in law firms, government agencies, non-profits and corporations, some work on a freelance basis and contract out services to lawyers and businesses in need of legal support services. The scope is wider abroad than in India.
  6. International Relations – This career option has become quite a trend among the BA Political Science students. One can pursue a Masters in this stream and thereafter land up with a government job, or an international job with organizations like the United Nations. This field demands a lot of dedication and research and is a broad stream offering a wide scope for growth.
  7. Public Relations and Welfare – PR is a widely trending career path and all it takes to pursue this course is a graduate degree. A Masters or experience in working for a nonprofit gives the individual that cutting edge to get job prospects from reputed NGOs and advertising agencies, in India and abroad. The field requires exceptional communication skills, as well as the knowledge to rightfully sustain in the environment.
  8. Translators – A degree in the Arts stream makes an individual capable of following the path of linguistics and making it a good source of income. The knowledge of English and any other foreign language can benefit a student to become a translator, as many MNCs require professionals to help them with client interactions and tie ups with foreign companies.
  9. Civil Services – A student holding a degree in Bachelors in Arts can undertake the civil service exams after completion of the degree. This career path is highly sought after, is a good source of income and is a good contribution to the economy. One can prepare for the examination in the third year of graduation. Civil exams not only test a person’s knowledge but take an overlook on one’s opinion on a particular subject or event.
  10. Social Media Marketing – Online marketing is a wide growing trend in today’s times, and a professional career path on the same can be established by undertaking internships and jobs in this field. Combining writing skills with communication online on various social media platforms can aid in promoting different brands and gaining exposure.
  • The author of this post, Eva R Sachdeva, is a blogger for IOS Ignite and writes extensively on Education Technology and news.