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Understand your professional self with a personality assessment.

/Understand your professional self with a personality assessment.

Personality assessments are a great way to learn more about yourself and better understand and
leverage your strengths. They can be particularly helpful as you consider your career and
professional future. The challenge however, is to fully understand the scope and limitations of a
personality assessment.

There are a number of assessments, some better than others. Alumni Career & Professional
Development offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); the Career Center also offers the
Strengths Finder assessment. Each has a small fee but comes with a comprehensive report that
explains your results. The MBTI focuses on your personality type—the way you interact with people,
make decisions, and understand the world around you. StrengthsFinder focuses more on your
fundamental talents and aptitudes. The two assessments complement each other nicely in giving
you a whole picture of not only what you’re good at doing, but how you like to do it.

Self-assessment for career exploration
Self-assessment doesn’t  “tell you what do be”  It does help you have a better understanding of your
interests, personality, skills, and values. This helps you see the connections between aspects of
yourself and aspects of particular career fields and occupations. Results include occupational
information you may consider and research further. Results do not provide a final answer; they do
provide an important step in your decision-making process and career planning journey, which will
extend over time as you explore, exercise your curiosity, grow and develop, learn more about the
external world, and develop increasing understanding of yourself.

There are tons of different assessments.
Prevue HR Systems
Prevue HR Systems measures abilities such as learning speed plus interests, motivations, and
personality, says Nathaniel Barr, the company’s marketing coordinator.

The PAVF Assessment
The PAVF entrepreneur self assessment, a proprietary personality tool administered by Career
Coaching International, describes “how you are wired. Each letter stands for one of four personality
types or groupings; P = Producer, A = Analyzer, V= Visionary and F = Friend. The fact that PAVF
results incorporate work related terminology. “We use terms such as ’producer‘ and ’visionary,’
which most people understand. Other tests use more esoteric descriptors such as ‘sensing’ and

Teamability focuses on roles and measures how people will connect with others. “Team spirit is no
longer a mystery” .The proprietary self assessment reveals “how people will perform when working
with others to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals”. “Team ability
reports are positive. They will tell you the way in which you will best contribute.”

Professional Dynametric Programs
Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP) is the primary tool used by the strategic consultants at
Vision Alignment to coach executives in leadership development, communication style and hiring
practices. “This survey not only tells them who they are, but also how they must act to drive success.
It shows them the impact of not being their authentic selves and the toll it can take professionally
and personally.”

The FourSight Thinking Profile
The FourSight Thinking Profile deals with your problem-solving and innovation style. There are 4
phases necessary for successful problem-solving: Clarify the problem, Ideate potential solutions,
Develop the chosen idea, and Implement the action — and each of us has a preference for one or
more of these phases. “Understanding your preferences will help you avoid the pitfalls of potentially
spending too much time and attention on the phases you prefer and short-changing the other
necessary elements that may not come naturally to you.”

Smart Work Assessments' Self-Employment Profile
Smart Work Assessments’ Self-Employment Profile is a personality assessment that provides insight
on how your characteristics influence your success in an entrepreneurial career. It includes a
complete self assessment of the key characteristics that most influence entrepreneurial success and
then recommends your unique self-employed career strategy.

“No decision should be made based on only one tool.”