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What courses after 12th | ISBM UNIVERSITY 2019

/What courses after 12th | ISBM UNIVERSITY 2019

What courses after 12th?

It’s a very generic question, After completing 12th (Higher Secondary), 90% Students’ thoughts that which course they can do? For resolving this query ISBM UNIVERSITY providing a list which are mentioned below.

There are many streams which student can choose depending on their field.

  • Diploma
  • Undergraduate Programs

1.Diploma : In this category there are many courses which is given below.

Students who wish to make it big in the fashion industry need to undergo a rigorous training in order to acquire all the desired skills. Certificate in Fashion Designing will act as a stepping stone for students in order to pursue their higher studies in Fashion Designing. The program will inculcate within students a great fashion sense and a superior understanding of costumes, garments, patterns and every intricate detailing related to clothing.

2. Undergraduate Programs:  In this category there are many courses which is given below.