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Who Is Santa and His Story

/Who Is Santa and His Story
Who Is Santa and His Story

The Santa Claus is the name derived from English form of the Dutch name for St. Nicholas “Sinterklaas”.

The word Santa Claus is associated with a world of fantasy, where the historical St. Nicholas was known as a godly man for his Charity and generosity.

It is estimated that St. Nicholas was born around AD 280 in Patara in Asia Minor, Later he became bishop of Myra in modern-day Turkey. He died about 343 on or near December 6th.

In the 3rd century St. Nicholas was born in the wealthy Christian family in Patara which is harbor city in modern day Turkey. St Nicholas and his parents could uncover their spiritual heritage to the Apostle Paul. It is believed that Nicholas parents were devout believers who had long prayed for a child. His parents devoted him to god when he was born. As a single child, he was raised with great affection and attention.

When Nicholas was a young boy, a plague struck his city and his both parents died because of plague disease. It was a huge loss huge for Nicholas, but it has drawn closer him to God. This loss also made the boy’s heart tender to the suffering of others.

Nicholas blessed with a large inheritance; he decided that he would use it to honor God. When he was in his early 20s, he has demonstrated wisdom and maturity beyond his years, he also developed a good reputation in Archbishop of Myra.

There are many wealth stories about Nicholas’ life which emphasizes his kindness and generosity. A tradition of gift giving was begun after his death i.e on 6th December.

 Who Is Santa and its significance

The Santa’s white beard and red suit are quite similar or equivalent to the bishop’s vestments worn by the Dutch Sinterklaas. The “chubby and plump” appearance of America’s Santa Claus is discovered in19th-century poem which is an attempt to create a more friendly image of Santa, poem lines are:“’Twas The Night Before Christmas”

Though modern Santa Claus has devolved into a secularized figure surrounded by fantasy, his image reminds us of the real St. Nicholas, a man who devotes his life to serving God and inspiring others.

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