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Work and Life: Finding the Balance

/Work and Life: Finding the Balance
Work and Life

Work and Life

The hardest part of growing your career isn’t dealing with your boss and daily demands; it’s finding time for your personal life. It is hard sometimes to draw the line between our career and personal lives when the lines blur so much with our own work. In order to be your best at work it is important to find balance in your career and personal life.

Here are simple ways to put balance back in your life, so that both your work and personal life get the attention they need.

Set Priorities and Goals
If you’re as productive as possible during your work day, there will be much less of a need to catch up on work during your personal time. Make yourself a to-do list at work each morning by order of priority. Prioritizing means recognizing where you need to focus most of your attention and where you can let things go a little.

Put Away Technology
Many people seem to have their phone permanently attached to their hand. Make it a point to check your phone and email less often throughout the day and, if possible, to check only rarely after work and on days off.

Figure Out Ways to Save Time
For those with busy schedules and little free time. Consider figuring out other ways to get those errands accomplished so you don’t have to spend your valuable time on them. E.g.-Can you order groceries online and have they delivered? Hire a neighbourhood kid to mow your lawn or shovel the driveway? Do more financial transactions online so you don’t have to wait at the bank? These may cost a little extra money, but the hours you would save that you could instead spend relaxing with family and friends will be worth it.

Plan Downtime and Travel
Make some time to enjoy the efforts of your labour and have some fun. Getting out of your everyday environment is critical to help you recharge your energy and get perspective.

Go Outside and Exercise
It’s important to your health to go out in the sun every day for at least ten minutes. Exercise keeps your body in shape and improves your focus and concentration at work. Being in nature also helps bring balance into your life by allowing time to reflect on what’s most important to you both personally and professionally.

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